Dave and Busted

Weekly Buzz

Young Thug released an album this week to coincide with his birthday, but unfortunately ended up getting arrested at his own birthday party at Dave and Busters. He rented out an entire DnB restaurant for his birthday party and somehow bumped into a police car outside which led to his car being searched and guns being found. That's got to be as poorly as a birthday party at Dave and Busters has ever ended, especially if the whole place was rented out. 

New Beats
Recognize - Bun B


Throwback of the Week
Put ON - Young Jeezy


Old school
Without Me - Eminem


Fun Facts

A Nigerian rapper did his own take of Childish Gambino's This is America called This is Nigeria, However it has been less well received as it has been banned by the Nigerian government for references to the frequent kidnappings and crime that happen there. 


  • Tsunami - Young Thug
  • Nonchalant - 6LACK
  • The Flute Song - Russ
Who the fuck gon’ bully me if I got a billi?
If I got a billi and the bitch recording me, I’m like who cares
What I wouldn’t be is on TV stutterin’ ta-ta-talkin’ scared

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