Twenty Six

Weekly Buzz

To everyone who sell me drugs
Don’t mix it with that bullshit
I’m hoping not to join the twenty seven club
— Mac Miller

Mac Miller died of a drug overdose in his home this week, he and I were the same age and I still remember when he released his first mixtape K.I.D.S. our senior year of high school. He was an artist constantly trying to improve his craft, maturing from the frat rap on his early albums to actually singing on his latest albums with each one being better than the last. It is a shame that we will never see what he could have become. 

New Beats
FAWN - Tyler the Creator


Throwback of the Week
Objects in the Mirror-Mac Miller


Old school
Aquemini - OutKast


Fun Facts

Kanye met Steven Spielberg and the movie he asked him about was.... Ready Player One.


  • Come Back to Earth - Mac Miller
  • Ladders - Mac Miller
  • 2009 - Mac Miller
It feels so good right now
But it all come fallin’ down
When the night, meets the light
Turn to day
— Mac MIller

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