Grahammy Nominees for Rap Album of the Year

It is finally the time of year for the biggest awards in music The Grahammy's! This week nominees for Album of the Year are announced with the winner chosen next week in addition to the winners for other categories as well. Take a listen to these great albums and maybe your favorite will be chosen for Album of The Year.

I've complied the best track from each of the nominated albums into a playlist, as well as the entire album for each Artist. These albums were chosen for the quality of the entire album from beginning to end so I highly recommend listening to the entire album if you enjoy any of the tracks in the playlist below.  Also remember to hit the Subscribe button above if you haven't already to get an email reminder when the winner is announced next week!


Kendrick Lamar - Damn

Best Track - DNA

An album so good it can be listened to in reverse order. Like all of Kendrick's albums the planning and links between the songs leave you with new details and takeaways every time you listen to it.  

The great American flag is wrapped in drag with explosives
Compulsive disorder, sons and daughters
Barricaded blocks and borders
Look what you taught us!
It’s murder on my street, your street, back streets


Future - HNDRXX

Best Track - Coming Out Strong

As usual Future released a lot of music this year with this album being his finest work. It has a great flow to it and can suit whatever mood you are in.

Oh, let’s not be alone
Empty thoughts fill the room
Breathe for me and I’ll breathe for you
— Selfish


Loyle Carner - Yesterday's Gone

Best Track - Mean it in the Morning

This debut album is incredibly impressive, it's mellow tones and heartfelt storytelling really takes you on a journey every time you listen to it. A perfect album to listen to when you are trying to relax after a long day.

It’s been a minute since I’ve been with some women
Not ‘cause they been lacking, just I’ve been lacking the feeling
I’ve been staring at the ceiling
— Damselfly



Best Track - BLEACH

This is definitely an album that has a sense of joy and fun to it. A lot to like from this group as they released THREE albums this year. We will see if they can keep up the quality and quantity in 2018 as they are currently on a prolific pace. 

They gave me mood stabilizers but when I came off ‘em, I was violent
Took the drugs that I wanted which didn’t help with the voices
They just grew louder and louder
They called the people who’d just chatter and chatter
I juggle all my personalities

Drake - More Life

Best Track - Madiba Riddim

A surprising album from Drake as this album utilizes a different style of beats than his prior albums. It has a tropical feel to it and is best enjoyed when the weather is nice. 

I’ve been down so long, it look like up to me
They look up to me
I got fake people showin’ fake love to me
— Fake Love

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Wingstop & Frisk

Weekly Buzz

Last week retailer H&M got in hot water for featuring a product photo for a hoodie that read "Coolest Monkey in the Jungle" on a young black child. The juxtaposition of it next to a white child in a hoodie with "Jungle Survival Expert" on it wasn't especially helpful. The Weeknd who was a celebrity spokesperson for H&M has dropped the brand and publicly condemned them over the picture saying he was "deeply offended". Diddy has offered the model a $1 million modelling contract for his Sean Jean brand to help "put some respect on it". If The Weeknd is looking for a new clothing retailer to get behind, Abercrombie could be a good fit for him, not because they would never accidentally shoot an insensitive photo, but because they don't shoot photos of the clothes on kids for the product page of the website at all. No room for potential issues there. 

In lighter news, An aspiring rapper robbed a Wingstop last week in hopes of getting noticed by Rick Ross who owns many of the franchises. It appears that Drake got tattoos of Steph Curry and Kevin Durant's numbers on his arm. That's going to be a bit awkward next time he is chilling with LeBron or pretending to be a big Raptors fan.

Also last week Ray J has been sued for $30 million in a moped scooter lawsuit. Allegedly, Ray J said he would invest in someone's scooter business and then stole their ideas and started his own. Not the first time Ray J has gotten in bed with somebody to work on a project then it ended up releasing to their surprise and resulting in a massive lawsuit. 

New Beats
Pause - 21 Savage


Throwback of the Week
Crank That - Soulja Boy


Old school
Me Against The World - 2Pac


Fun Facts

2 Chainz and Snoop are setting up a basketball game between some top rappers during the NBA All Star Weekend next month in LA.

Denzel Curry did karate for 5 years

RIP to MLK, he was a born leader
Malcolm X, Mandela, them my damn people
— Gucci Mane


  • A Dream - Common
  • Frozen - Wu-Tang Clan
  • The Fight - Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

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K Dot x Lupe FiascNO

Weekly Buzz

Another frosty week passes and another petty jealous rapper throws jabs at the throne. This week Lupe Fiasco is upset because Kendrick Lamar's album cover for his single too closely resembles the album cover for Lupe's upcoming album. Lupe felt it necessary to take shots at Kendrick "K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars". That is a really great analysis of Kendrick, his punchlines in his last two albums that grappled with the issues of racial identity and systematic discrimination were not particularly hilarious. Kendrick isn't top tier in the same way Spielberg isn't top tier, because I didn't find Schindler's List, Lincoln, or The Color Purple funny. It is a well known fact that Kendrick Lamar draws most of his artistic inspiration from Lupe Fiasco's Instagram account, so it is entirely plausible that he stole the idea for the album cover from there. 

New Beats
Don't do it - N.e.r.d

SZA-Kendrick-Lamar (1).jpg

Throwback of the Week
Live Your Life - T.I.


Old school
Simon Says - Pharoahe Monch


Fun Facts

Childish Gambino had his second child with his girlfriend this week.

A very white man lost $3,200 on Jeopardy last week because he put a hard "r" at the end of  "Gangsta" for Coolio's classic hit Gantsta's Paradise.

I got a lot of livin’ to do before I die
And I ain’t got time to waste
— 50 Cent


  • Facey - Yuri Joness
  • Scrolling - Dave B
  • Fuck Ugly God - Ugly God

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Bringing in the New Year

Weekly Buzz

Some of your favorite rappers really got into the Christmas spirit this year spreading cheer, both by singing loud for all to hear and through acts of charity. TI spent $20k to help moms get their Christmas gifts, and Chance the Rapper hosted a "Night at the Museum" fundraiser to help the homeless that included a performance of the Chicago Children's Choir and free tickets for underprivileged students. 

Lil Bow Wow claimed in an interview this week that he used to date Kim Kardashian before she was famous. He says he kept it hidden because he had never dated someone outside his race before. I also used to date Kim Kardashian before she was famous and I never told anyone. I didn't make it Facebook official because I wasn't ready to commit, definitely not because it isn't true and I'm making it up. Lil Bow Wow and I wouldn't lie about something like that. This is definitely not at all like that time a few months ago when he posted on Instagram a picture of a private jet but he actually in coach and got called out online by another passenger. 

New Beats
Family feud - lil wayne


Throwback of the Week
The birds pt. 1 - the weeknd


Old school
Don't sweat the technique - eric b & Rakim


Fun Facts

The Migos are working on a movie and Quavo is writing the script

Rapper XXXTentacion best known for beating up his pregnant girlfriend and threatening her has been charged with 8 more felonies.

Now, in a perfect world, I probably won’t be insensitive
Cold as December, but never remember what winter did
— Kendrick Lamar


  • Havana - Camila Cabello
  • Modern Slavery - Travis Scott & Quavo
  • On Me - Quality Control

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Week 63

Weekly Buzz

Merry Christmas, last year for Christmas I compiled all the best rap Christmas music together for this week. I won't be doing that this year as I used every song that is good. Honestly, listening to all the rap Christmas music that was out there was a harrowing experience. Without a doubt rap Christmas music is the worst type of music that exists, sleigh bells should never be used as a backing track for a rap song. The amount of forced rhymes and horrible lines are insulting to the spirit of Christmas. The worst line I was exposed to and has been haunting me for the past year I will share here because misery loves company: "Frosty the snowman, had a dick of snow, He could only fuck a bitch if her pussy was real cold". That line was created by an adult man, written down, exorbitant studio fees were paid, and at least several people gave it the okay to be released to the public. That man has been nominated for a Grammy for his other work, it is my opinion that nomination be retroactively revoked.  

Best known for being a scumbag murderer, George Zimmerman is in the news this week, after threatening Jay-Z saying that he would like to beat him up and feed him to the alligators. This was caused by Jay-Z being involved in a Travon Martin Documentary. In an attempt to stoop as low as possible he also referenced his killing of Martin in his threats toward Jay-Z: "I know how to handle people who fuck with me; I have since February 2012". That is when he murdered the unarmed teen Travon Martin. 

In a shocking move, amidst multiple sexual harassment allegations Jerry Richardson, the owner of the NFL's Carolina Panthers team, is selling the franchise. This is very surprising because normally guys who erect bronze statues of themselves turn out to be such great people; Stalin, Mao, and the list goes on.


The promising part of this news is that Diddy has announced that he wants to buy the team which would be incredible. Richardson's share is only 40% and with Diddy earning more than any other person in music last year (despite making no music) it is not unrealistic that he could put an ownership group together. I can only imagine the spectacle of draft-day Diddy or him at the Superbowl. He is very passionate about football, having allegedly assaulted the UCLA strength and conditioning coach with a kettlebell after an incident involving his son on the team.

New Beats
Bartier Cardi - Cardi b


Throwback of the Week
the motto - drake


Old school
brenda's got a baby - tupac


Fun Facts

Kendrick Lamar is going to play the College Football halftime show this year. 

The night Tupac died in Las Vegas, his fiancé Kidada Jones asked him to wear his bulletproof vest, but he told her it was too hot

Real G’s move in silence like lasagna
— Lil Wayne


  • Boomerang - Jidenna
  • The Weekend - SZA
  • Nightgowns - Tom Misch

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Week 62

Weekly Buzz

I really never intended for this section of to be constantly focused on negative news about people in the music industry. I wanted to highlight positive news and make jokes about goofy things people like Kanye do on a weekly basis. However, it is impossible to ignore the cacophony of noise being generated by the despicable actions of some people in music. Hopefully every overly negative week can be outweighed by several positive weeks in a row.   

Russel Simmons who co-founded Def Jam Records has been accused by NINE different women of sexual assault. After being accused by a pick up basketball team worth of women of sexual assault he denied their accusations and "stepped down" from his companies. He "stepped down" in the same way professional athletes "retire" after nobody signs them for like two years, no offense Reggie Bush. Forced out seems more accurate as his companies want to disassociate from this scumbag and probably are looking forward to not being sexually harassed at work. FOUR (enough for a doubles tennis match) of the NINE women, say that Russel Simmons raped them. Since these accusations he has tried to start a #NotMe campaign on Instagram to claim his alleged innocence. I am sure that the LAPD, who have opened an official investigation into the matter, look at his #NotMe post on insta and will just be like "oh guess it wasn't him, clearly says here that it wasn't". People burnt their LeBron jersey's when he decided he prefered South Beach to Cleveland, but will they burn their horrible Phat Farm tracksuits when the owner has been sexually assaulting people on a Zeus-like pace?

New Beats
Don't do it - N.e.r.d


Throwback of the Week
Alive - Kid Kudi


Old school
Ain't no half steppin' - big daddy kane


Fun Facts

ODB once got really drunk and stormed the stage when Methodman was performing and flipped the turntables off the stage. He later issued a halfhearted apology "Sorry, I'm an Ol' Dirty Bastard".

Kendrick watched Tupac and Dr. Dre shoot California Love in front of his house by chance as a boy, he would later sign with Dr. Dre

I coulda died, y’all
A couple times I took my eyes off the prize, y’all


  • Man of the Year - Schoolboy Q
  • The Billy Williams Story - Saba

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Week 61

Weekly Buzz

DJ Khalid's one year old son Asahd is already making waves, a frequent feature of DJ Khalid's famous Snapstory and Instagram feeds had his first magazine cover this week. This may be the earliest that anyone has ever tried to take over the rap game. 

Cardi B has somehow been posting tweets that are even better than her songs. Highly recommend a follow if you would like some insane NSFW hilarity in your life.


Lastly, Kendrick Lamar released a collector's edition of DAMN, it has all the songs in reverse order of the original release. He has said that this was premeditated when creating the album originally and he prefers the rhythm and vibe in this order. According to Kendrick: "I don’t think the story necessarily changes, I think the feel changes. The initial vibe listening from the top all the way to the bottom is...this aggression and this attitude. You know, ‘DNA,’ and exposing who I really am. You listen from the back end, and it’s almost the duality and the contrast of the intricate Kendrick Lamar. Both of these pieces are who I am." I would guess that he could re-release the same album in new orders five times before I figured out that he was messing with me and not subtly hinting at some hidden message. 

New Beats
Um Yea - Cardi B & Offset

offset-cardi-b-bet-hha Cropped (1).jpg

Throwback of the Week
Rude Boy - Rihanna

ApprovedImage_Rihanna_2016 Cropped (1).jpg

Old school
I used to Love H.E.R. - Common


Fun Facts


Common's song "I Used to Love H.E.R." tells the story of him falling out of love with a girl, but in the end it is revealed that he is actually telling the story of his relationship with hip hop.

Quavo has a card from finish line that lets him grab as many free shoes as he wants

No sports bra let’s keep it bouncing
— Kanye


  • Textin' My Ex - T-Pain
  • Hot Chicken - Starlito
  • It's a Vibe - 2 Chainz

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Week 60

Weekly Buzz

You may remember Martin Shkreli for jacking up the price of AIDS medicine from $13 to $750 dollars per pill and promptly being thrown in jail. While awaiting trial he managed to buy an unreleased Wu-Tang album for a million dollars and choosing to share it with no one else. Well it looks like the government is going to force him to release the album and any proceeds gerenreted from the release of "Once Upon a Time in Shaolin". Nice to see some new Wu-Tang music being released and being reminded that at least some scamming scumbags are in prison. Playlist Link

New Beats

Kamasutra - Cardi B & Juicy J

Throwback of the Week

Favorite Song - Chance the rapper

Old School Jam

Hit em up - 2Pac


Method Man does close-up magic.

Cardi B has offered to preform at Prince Harry's wedding for free, and citing that her Hit Bodak Yellow is ultimately a love song.


I know if I’m generous at heart I don’t need recognition, if I’m rewarded, well that’s God’s decision
— Kendrick Lamar

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Week 59

Weekly Buzz

I decided to change up the format and make it a little bit more official this week. R. Kelly was able to stay on brand this week by getting another lawsuit for doing something utterly despicable; mocking an autistic fan and forcing him to sing "I Believe I Can Fly". I guess he just wanted to buy some insurance for his ticket to hell. Playlist Link

New Beats

Throwback of the Week

Old School Jam


Geraldo Rivera has said "hip-hop has done more damage to young African-Americans than racism in recent years." Kendrick has clowned on him in his song YAH over this.

Quavo wants the Migos to play the hyenas in the new Lion King remake

I’ve seen her take down that tequila
Down by the liter,
I knew I had to meet her
— The Weeknd