Backstreets Back

2019-01-21 10_21_39-.png

The Backstreet Boys are back with Chance the Rapper in a new Super Bowl advertisement for Doritos. So there is still a reason to watch the game even if watching the Patriots win again is going to make you upset.

Album of The  Week

Stranger in the Alps -Phoebe Bridgers (2017)

I hate you for what you did
And I miss you like a little kid
— Motion Sickness
Jesus Christ, I’m so blue all the time
And that’s just how I feel
Always have and I always will
— Funeral

A young singer who got discovered and later started dating a much older Ryan Adams has had an odd early career. Her career began to take off and she was able to open for one of her idols Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes, who was for some reason playing solo shows under the name Crawdaddy Lawfette at the time. Her melancholy music inspired heavily by Elliott Smith has a unique cadence to it that has the sweetness of her voice contrast the sad lyrics and notes.


Best New Track: Land of the Free

When I go out in my car, I don’t think twice
But if you’re the wrong color skin
You grow up looking over both your shoulders
In the land of the free
— The Killers

Glory Box

Give me a reason to love you
Give me a reason to be a woman
I just wanna be a woman
— Portishead


The Greatest Bastard

Am I the greatest bastard that you met?
The only one you can’t forget?
— Damien Rice


Never be Mine

Hate to have to watch you go
Thought I’d been through this
Lord knows, I’ve been trying, I’m still trying
— Angel Olsen

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Petty Page

You may remember Robbie Williiams a singer best known for giving the finger to the camera during the World Cup, his multi-year feud with Led Zepplin’s Jimmy Page is getting hotter. Williams has been blasting music from Led Zepplin’s rival bands from outside his home to annoy his neighbor Jimmy Page. The two have been in a neighborly feud for over five years stemming from Page repeatedly blocking William’s attempts to build a pool and Gym in his basement.

Album of The  Week

Wish You Were Here -Pink Floyd (1975)

Welcome my son
Welcome to the machine
— Welcome to the Machine
How I wish
How I wish you were here
We’re just two lost souls
Swimming in a fish bowl
Year after year
— Wish You Were Here

This album has two major themes, one is a criticism of the music industry’s greed with songs like Welcome to the Machine expressing the band’s exasperation with profit over creativity being prioritized. The second theme of the album is the band missing their former band-mate Syd Barrett, who had to leave the band seven years prior due to his struggles with mental illness. The song Shine on You Crazy Diamond is written about him "Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun", His absence is also the inspiration for one of the greatest songs of all time and the album’s namesake Wish You Were Here.


Best New Track: Seventeen

Sure of what I’ve lived and have known
I see you so uncomfortably alone
I wish I could show you how much you’ve grown
— Sharon Van Etten

Curse of the I-5 Corridor

So I left home and faked my ID
I fucked every man that I wanted to be
I was so stupid then
Why should mystery give its life for me?
— Neko Case


Cold Flame

Drinkin’ some, waking up alone
Maybe if I try just a little more
I can take myself from this dirty floor
— Band of Skulls


I Feel Like I’m Drowning

You’re holding me down and
Holding me down
You’re killing me slow
— Two Feet

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Grunge Apparel

2019-01-07 07_04_00-Nirvana is Suing Marc Jacobs Over Use of the Smiley Face Logo - FASHION Magazine.png

Marc Jacobs is being sued by Nirvana for clearly ripping off a smiley face symbol created by Kurt Cobain. The retailer is using the symbol on one of their Redux Grunge collection tee shirts. Nothing says grunge like stealing someone else’s design to use it on a $115 dollar T-shirt that looks much worse than the original.

Album of The  Week

Metals -Feist (2011)

Leslie Feist got her first big break when her song 1234 was featured in an iPod Nano commercial that exposed music that wouldn’t typically be commercially successful to a vast new audience. The success and touring that came with that big break left her exhausted, and she took two years off of music to recover. The album tries to blend older and newer musical techniques and is written from the perspective of an observer. Feist spent much of her time in between albums living a quiet life and watching the events of her friend’s lives unfold. Songs like The Bad in Each Other is written from this perspective, as she feels like the longer her friends were in a relationship the fuzzier their perspective of their partner became.

When a good man and a good woman
Can’t find the good in each other
Then a good man and a good woman
Will bring out the worst in the other
— The Bad in Each Other
When you comfort me
It doesn’t bring me comfort actually
— Comfort Me


Best New Track: Cigarette

I wish you were in my sheets some way, somehow
’Cause I got pictures of you in my head
It’s not the same as you here instead
Caught up some type of way to get to where I need
— Old Sea Brigade

All My Tears

When I go don’t cry for me
In my fathers arms I’ll be
The wounds this world left on my soul
Will all be healed and I’ll be whole
— Emmylou Harris


A Poem

A new accommodation
To go out on my own
— Stella Donnelly


Rain in Soho

There’s a club where you’d like to go
You could meet someone who’s lost like you
Revel in the darkness like a pair of open graves
Fumble through the fog for a season or two
— The Mountain Goats

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Mike Tyson is going to be hosting a music festival on his ranch that is intended to be a cannabis themed music festival. I don’t know if he is aware that basically every music festival is cannabis themed. Maybe the differentiating factor is a “Chillville with 100 specialty bean bags”. Nothing puts people at ease more than the presence of Mike Tyson.

Album of The  Week

Bloodletting -Concrete Blonde (1990)

An album that was about twenty years ahead of it’s time, partially inspired by A book series about Vampires well before True Blood and Twilight. The darkness and blood pervades the album stretches into the album’s most powerful song Tomorrow Wendy which is about a woman dying of aids.

And when you said I scared you, well, I guess you scared me too
But we got lucky once before
And I don’t want to close the door
And if you’re somewhere out there passed out on the floor
Oh, Joey, I’m not angry anymore
— Joey


Best New Track: Friends

‘Cause I don’t remember anymore how we used to be
No, I don’t remember anymore how I used to feel
— Dido

All I Want

All I want is to feel this way
To be this close, to feel the same
All I want is to feel this way
— Toad The Wet Sprocket


Better Days

Yeah just sittin’ around waitin’ for my life to begin
While it was all just slippin’ away
I’m tired of waitin’ for tomorrow to come
Or that train to come roarin’ ‘round the bend
— Bruce Springsteen


The Weary Kind

This ain’t no place to lose your mind
This ain’t no place to fall behind
Pick up your crazy heart and give it one more try
— Ryan Bingham

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Pair of Roses


Ozzy Osbourne has come out to say that he isn’t sure why people thought his new tour this year was going to be his last tour, he thinks maybe the name was misleading: “No More Tours 2”. He thinks the “Slowing Down Tour” would have been more accurate. He also said he doesn’t understand why he did all his partying “I now think, ‘how did I think going into a bar and getting smashed and doing all that cocaine was fun?”. My guess is that it was probably the booze, and cocaine, and the fun that made him think getting smashed was so much fun back in the day.

This photo taken at a boxing match of Axl Rose and Mickey Rourke was submitted successfully to a local news station as a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary.

Album of The  Week

A Very She & Him Christmas -She & Him (2011)

This is the only acceptable week to listen to Christmas music so make the most of it with this album of classic songs. The Combo of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel is great and plays perfectly into your Christmas plans. It also provides a great segue into watching her in Elf which is one of the best Christmas movies.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas
Let your heart be light
From now on
Our troubles will be out of sight
— Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas


Best New Track: Neon Moon

I’ve got a table for two way in the back
Where I sit alone and think of you
— Cigarettes After Sex

Plastic Baby Jesus

You know it’s Christmas in Columbus
Won’t be the same without you, though
— Saintseneca


Lonely Man of Winter

Oh, I would rate the future
If I could put a finger on it
But I have no idea
If what I want is better than this
— Sufjan Stevens


Winter Winds

So let the memories be good for those who stay
— Mumford & Sons

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Better Days

I was dismayed and discouraged this week as I went to make this, the first three rap songs I went to use I had to scrap after I realized the featured artist had committed physical or sexual assault against their former girlfriends. So instead of some news I’m going to include a great quote from a recent Esquire interview with Bruce Springsteen on how he raised his sons:

“I do have two good men. And I would say their qualities are, they’re sensitive. They’re respectful of others. They are not locked into a 1950s sensibility of manhood, which I had to contend with. Consequently, their attitudes toward women and the world are free of those archetypes, and that frees them to be who they are and have deeper and more meaningful relationships. They know themselves pretty well, which is something I can’t say for myself when I was that age. They know—and can show—love. And they know how to receive love. They know what to do with their problems. I think they have a sense of process as to how to work on themselves, which is something that I certainly didn’t have at twenty-five. These are the things that I’m proud of my boys for. They are quite different from my generation…. The funny thing is . . . if you’re present from when they’re young and if you comport yourself even reasonably well, they pick up a lot of healthy habits. And that discussion happens implicitly. By your behavior at home and how you treat your partner and what they see. I by no means have been perfect. But if you give a reasonable presentation of yourself, a lot of that occurs implicitly.”

Also in an attempt to cheer myself up, here is a video of a classical pianist who performs for blind elephants in an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. most of the elephants were abused and used for work or entertainment in miserable conditions in service to humans. They are calmed and drawn by the piano music that is played for them.

Album of The  Week

Good News for People Who Love Bad News -Modest Mouse (2004)

There is probably not an album title more that has aged more aptly than this one. This album varies wildly from track to track, with pop music hits sandwiched between experimental pieces that are closer to a folk spoken word piece. Featuring Tom Waits and some sound mixing from the The Flaming Lips it is clear where the band got their weird influences for this album. While the whole album may not be for everyone, it’s hard to give it a listen and not find a section that sticks with you.

Ice age heat wave, can’t complain
If the world’s at large, why should I remain?
— The World's At Large
Well take what you want from me
You deserve it all
Nine times out of ten
— Bukowski

https___images.genius.com_3af47b6e76d14ab0a2df9b853de3939c.640x640x1 (1).jpg

Best New Track: All I Want

Sometimes you gotta keep a little bit to yourself
A little something to keep believing in
— Matt Berninger & Julien Baker

Take Shelter

In my mind it’s all the way things were
I remember how the family heard
— Palace Winter


Little Dog Mind

What you think you ever gonna find over that next ridge?
— Twain


Barcelona Boots

But you’re pulling me in
Into the night
Tick of the clock when you caught my light
Lust hurts, could you bear it for me?
— Arlie

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Oreo Soldout Sellout

Oreo has released a record player for Oreo cookies that plays awful unlicensed music while spinning an Oreo. Unfortunately the twenty dollar device is sold out on Amazon so you can’t give it to someone for Christmas that uses it once then throws it in a landfill to sit for thousands of years.


Album of The  Week

Tigerlily - Natalie Merchant (1995)

Beginning with 10,000 Maniacs at just 18 years old Natalie Merchant has had a long career in music. One of her most memorable albums Tigerlily was her first solo album and it stands the test of time. The album features her beautiful vocals and storytelling with songs based on her experiences. She wrote Beloved Wife after watching her grandfather deal with the death of his wife. She was inspired by the special needs children she used to volunteer to help as a teen to write Wonder a song about a child with special needs that overcomes her challenges with the support of her adoptive family.

You’ll be the brightest star
The world has ever seen
Sun-baked slender heroine
Of film & magazine
— San Andreas Fault
I can’t believe
I’ve lost the very best of me
— Beloved Wife


Best New Track: Traveling On

No one knows you
Nations loathe you
Please let me know when I can recuse myself if I choose
— The Decemberists

All Delighted People

So yeah I know I’m still afraid
Of letting go of choices I have made
— Sufjan Stevens


Weekend Wars

I’m a curse and I’m a sound
When I open up my mouth
There’s a reason I don’t win
I don’t know how to begin


My Sister’s Birthday

When we were kids
She stuck up for me
When no one else did
— Advanced Base

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Double Breakup

A Metal band named Witchrot broke up in one of the most spectacular posts of all time that somehow managed to bury the lead and cause more questions than answers. I wouldn’t expect a reunion soon though.

2018-12-03 07_26_07-This Canadian metal band just broke up in the most spectacular way.png

Album of The  Week

Undertow -Drenge (2015)

The band’s name comes from “Drenge” the Danish word for “boys”, and the two brothers that form the band don’t take themselves too seriously. The primary inspiration for the album was 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the album really takes you on a journey. Using the same producer as some of the Arctic Monkey’s albums this has a similar feel and quality. It doesn’t hurt that it has one of my all time favorite album covers either.

Shaking in your sleep again
When you woke up you were fine
You just didn’t believe what I said
— Never Awake
You wanted my heart for it’s little worth
I was half your age, and I thought we were in love
— Standing in the Cold

Best New Track: Allentown

I am on a journey, to discover what it’s like
To be free of all my demons, to be free of all my demons
— Manchester Orchestra


Slowly lie to me
Like you do when you tell the truth
— Son Lux


Down by the river by the boats
Where everybody goes to be alone
— Agnes Obel

A Coral Room

I hear her laughing
She is standing in the kitchen
As we come in the back door
— Kate Bush

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Merch Purch

Aphex Twin has released some new merchandise that is pretty horrifying. Based off their album cover for some reason attached to a teddy bear’s face. It is a great gift for a child you hate this holiday season.


Album of The  Week

Death of a Ladies Man -Leonard Cohen (1977)

This album was produced and co-written with Phil Spector in what can only be considered hostile conditions for Cohen. The songs were written in Spector’s house who locked Cohen in when he showed up, and kept the air conditioning running on full to set the house to “about 32 degrees” so Cohen had to wear his coat indoors. When they showed up to the studio Spector was often brandishing a gun and would set it on the console when arguing which had a way of making Cohen back down. Cohen has since forgiven Spector for stealing the unfinished vocals from the studio and mixing the album completely alone.

In fact a burden lifted from my soul
I learned that love was out of my control
— Paper Thin Hotel
I walked up to the tallest and the blondest girl
I said, Look, you don’t know me now but very soon you will
So won’t you let me see
— Memories


Best New Track: Tomb

I walked into your life at the wrong time
Never quite been perceptive of real life
It was not your fault or a fault of mine
But it’s hard to let you go this time
— Angelo De Augustine

If Only as a Ghost

You’re my best friend
I never got to tell you that
So please come back again
— Jonas Alaska

Dance to Another Tune

It’s not the world that’s spinning that’s me
I go from nowhere to nowhere searching for the key
But there’s nothing new under the sun
All that will happen has already begun
— First Aid Kit

Black Light Shines

Released from your head
Thinking kills us all in the end
— Anna Ternheim

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Swift Travels


A longstanding rumor that Taylor Swift hides in giant luggage to avoid paparazzi was confirmed this week by Zayn Malik. She is either trying to avoid the paparazzi, working on immersion therapy for claustrophobia, or working on an awesome magic trick. Personally I’m hoping for an illusion.

Album of The  Week

Some Things Just Stick in Your Mind: Singles and Demos -Vashti Bunyan (1964-1967)

This album is really just a compilation of songs, as the artist would only release one formal album in the beginning of her career. After her first album didn’t really take off in sales Vashti Bunyan quit music. Over 30 years later she released her second album after a cult following grew around her music and people began writing her asking her to release new music. In the 30 years she took off we landed on the moon and invented the internet. It is pretty crazy that someone this talented was not using her true talent and the only ones listening to her live music were probably her children during lullabies. I heartily recommend listening to this album while drinking a whiskey and reading a book this winter.

It’s so many miles and so long since I’ve met you
Don’t even know what I’ll find when I get to you
But suddenly now I know where I belong
It’s many hundred miles and it won’t be long
— Train Song
I am alone
Waiting for nothing
If my heart freezes
I won’t feel the breaking
— Winter is Blue

2018-11-18 21_47_32-Google Play Music Desktop Player.png

Best New Track: The Hand You Deal

Though I sleep alone, I don’t walk alone
And I’ve come to know what I need
— Fenne Lily


Do you still have that photograph?
Would you use it to hurt me?
Well, I guess it’s just my life
And it’s just my body
— Julia Jacklin

Way Down We Go

And they will run you down, down ‘til you go
Yeah, ‘til you can’t crawl no more

Skinny Love

Come on skinny love just last the year
Pour a little salt, we were never here
— Birdy

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No White Christmas

Irish singer Sinead O’Connor, best known for being crazy is back at it again. After recently converting to Islam she went on a Twitter rant saying that she never wanted to be around white people again. Short of buying a couple plane tickets and then a bus ticket my advice would be to avoid The Cheesecake Factory, Microbreweries, Film Festivals, and Trump Rallies. I hate to criticize anyone’s choice of religion, but if your goal in a religion is to never talk to people of other religions again I think Scientology is probably the best choice.

Album of The  Week

Play Deep -The Outfield (1985)

An album that came out in the middle of the 80’s that could not possibly be more 80’s. It has everything quintessentially 80’s about it from singles you know every word to, guitar riffs, keyboards, catchy lyrics, a band you can’t remember the name of when their song starts playing. In a very 80’s fashion the band’s success was due in large part of the strength of their singles on American radio and they never achieved the same kind of success in their native England after their debut album.

Josie’s on a vacation far away
Come around and talk it over
So many things that I wanna say
You know I like my girls a little bit older
— Your Love
And I’m just too scared to tell ya
What I know is real
— Talk to Me

Best New Track: Dreamsong

But I lose track of what’s real life when there’s no one around that
Needs me
— Moonface


Trip’s almost over
Did you get a good look
— Gregory and the Hawk


Say you can’t help the fact that you’re so crazy
And you’re so good at making me feel guilty
For trying to walk away because I’m tired of being mad


Keep You Beautiful

I loved you right from the start when I opened up your heart
— Tindersticks

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Trump up the Bass

Multiple artists including Guns & Roses, Pharrell, Rihanna and others have taken legal action against Trump for exploiting legal loopholes to play their music at his political rallies that are later broadcast on TV. For example Pharrell’s song Happy was played at a rally a few hours after the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

Album of The  Week

Animals -Pink Floyd (1977)

This largely instrumental album from Pink Floyd manages to pack a punch although it is short on lyrics and on run-time. A simple allegory bookends the album with Pigs on the Wing parts one and two bookend the album. The pigs being the fascists as the sheep and dogs are tricked into hating each other. The album stands up as well musically and politically as it did back then and is a good reminder to go vote this week.

If you didn’t care
What happened to me
And I didn’t care for you
We would zig-zag our way
Through the boredom and pain
Occasionally glancing up through the rain
Wondering which of the
Buggers to blame
And watching the pigs on the wing
— Pigs on the Wing


I know it’s hard to be an optimist
When you trust least the ones who claim to have the answers
— Andrew Bird

The Well

And you’re right
You own my only dime
And you’re right
You own my own
— Campdogzz

Hit the Switch

And each morning she wakes with a dream to describe
Something lovely that bloomed in her beautiful mind
I said “I’ll trade you one for two nightmares of mine
I have some where I die, I have some where we all die.
— Bright Eyes

Reel Around the Fountain

Fifteen minutes with you
Well, I wouldn’t say no
— The Smiths

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Ow That’s What I Call Music

It was revealed this week that the US “interrogators” at Guantánamo Bay and Abu Ghraib had a special playlist they played on repeat at maximum volume to torture the inmates called ‘Ow That’s What I Call Music’. I may have pursued my Intelligence degree further if I knew I could make playlists and express myself creatively. The torture playlist is below.

Deicide – ‘Fuck Your God’
Drowning Pool – ‘Bodies’
Christina Aguilera – ‘Dirrrty’
Nine Inch Nails – ‘Somewhat Damaged’

Marilyn Manson – ‘The Beautiful People’
Britney Spears – ‘…Baby One More Time’
Barney And Friends – ‘I Love You Song’
Queen – ‘We Are The Champions’
The Meow Mix Theme

Album of The  Week

Actor -ST Vincent (2009)

A former member of Sufjan Steven’s band Annie Clark’s second album has a similar mystical and theatrical quality to it. She watched early 30’s and 40’s Disney movies on mute and tried to write songs to correspond with what she was seeing on screen. The effect is each song feeling like a song trying to capture a scene. She completely changed the album just before release largely altering all the string and wind instruments in a move she says saved the album. It’s hard to know how much she improved it with that move but the end result is certainly worth a listen.

See, I’ll trade in my plot of land
For a plane to anywhere
— Laughing with a Mouth Full of Blood
Oh, but I’d pay anything to keep my conscience clean
I’m keeping my eye on the exit sign, steady now
— The Party


I Don't Want Your Voice To Move Me

Darkness has no virtue of its own
Its only darkness
— Laura Gibson

Famous Prophets (Stars)

I’m not gonna end up a nervous wreck
Like the people I know who are nervous wrecks
— Car Seat Headrest

Stupid Girl

I’m a fool, and he loves it
He knows he’s got me wrapped around his fingers with a glance
— Jazmine Sullivan

Genesis 30:3

Harder days coming maybe, I don’t mind
Sounds kind of dumb when I say it, but it’s true
I would do anything for you
— The Mountain Goats

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A French artist has created a compilation album including works from Pharrell, Bono, The National, and others to coincide with a visual display. The subject of the work is the mourning of her cat, which she likened to not getting as much sympathy as when your parents die. Its a shame people don’t offer as much sympathy when your cat dies as when your parents die.

Album of The  Week

American IV: The Man Comes Around -Johnny Cash (2002.)

The last album Cash created before he died is reminiscent of Bowie’s Blackstar in that it was released at the time of his death and listening to the album you can hear someone struggling with his own mortality. The album features both covers and originals with most of the songs covering themes of regret, loss, and death. He manages to really make each song his own with Trent Reznor referring to Cash’s cover of Hurt “That song isn’t mine anymore”.

I will let you down
I will make you hurt
— Hurt
I’ve never seen a night so long
When time goes crawling by
— I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry


I am a robot, naked and alone
Sent from the future to build a new home
— Tenacious D

A Pearl

You’re growing tired of me
And all the things I don’t talk about
Sorry I don’t want your touch
It’s not that I don’t want you
Sorry I can’t take your touch
— Mitski


Someday, I want two kids
Buy a big house and do a big flip
One day, I’ma be rich, I’ma work hard, this a promise
— Wynter Gordon

No Windows

If I’m stuck out here alone
If I’m stranded here all year
With just nothing left at home
No widows disappear
— The Antlers

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2 Dope 2 Quit

A new development in a story that hopefully never ends stemming from the feud between ICP and Limp Bizkit after Shaggy 2 Dope tried unsuccessfully to dropkick Fred Durst while on stage at a concert last week. Professional Wrestler The Iron Sheik has gotten involved trying to mediate on Twitter “THE SHAGGY TOO DOPE YOU ARE A GOOD MAN BUT YOUR DROPKICK IS FUCKING DRIZZLING SHITS”. With mediators like this hopefully this feud will never end. Comments from Durst since the incident probably haven’t helped to cool things off, referring to Shaggy as a “bitchmade G, wack bro, and a bitch ass clout chaser”. He also mentioned that he used to be a fan of the band ICP before the incident, because of course he was.

Album of The  Week

Knife Man -AJJ (2011)

A Folk Punk band that doesn’t really fit into a specific category with songs veering wildly in temperament and style, with some songs having bass and violin, some being piano ballads, and others being like a deranged sing-along. The lyricism in AJJ is without doubt the piece that makes their music special. Often writing songs dealing with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and loneliness and turning many of the tracks into anthems of hope. The lead singer started working at a suicide prevention organization when he was 15 and continued part time through college and even after the commercial success of the band. Many of the songs have a personal touch to them and have an authenticity that makes them special.

We’re all two or three bad decisions away
From becoming the ones that we fear and pity
— People II 2: Still Peoplin'
I’m afraid of the way that I live my life
I’m afraid of the way I don’t
I’m afraid of the things that I wanna do but I won’t
— Big Bird

I’m Still Here

Lost youth, where did we go wrong?
I’m winning for me, though
— Sia

What’s Up

And so I wake in the morning and I step outside
And I take a deep breath and I get real high, and I Scream from the top of my lungs
What’s going on?
— 4 Non Blondes

Not my Baby

And it’s true, I’ve been checking out lately
I go do whatever I want
— Alvvays


So I ran to the devil, he was waiting
I ran to the devil, he was waiting
— Nina Simone

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Battle of the Bad Bands

Pretty crazy brawl over the weekend, and no I don’t mean Khabib jumping over the octagon cage to fight Conor McGregor’s coach after chocking him out in WFC 229, which was insane. I’m talking about Insane Clown Posse’s Shaggy 2 Dope rushing stage in an attempt to dropkick Limp Bizkit singer Fred Durst. The only thing more awesome than a member of Insane Clown Posse attempting to drop kick Fred Durst is the fact that it is very clear from the video below that this was his first time attempting a jump kick as he fails spectacularly. The feud goes back over twenty years to when Durst was at his height of fame and dropped them from one of his tours. Durst was unimpressed by the jump kick, “What a pussy, he couldn’t even pull it off”.

Album of The  Week

Disintegration -The Cure (1989)

The band recommends listening to this album at a loud volume, from beginning to end, preferably alone and in the dark. The feeling of gloom surrounding the album stems from an existential crisis Robert Smith felt at the time about turning thirty. That feeling was felt throughout the album as in the studio was a hung up newspaper article about two people who committed suicide while listening to the bands music. Those feelings carried over to two members of the band leaving on the ensuing tour and a very harsh initial critical reception for the album. Rolling Stone referred to the album as “a bleak record with no obvious singles”, the later added it to their 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. Similarly another magazine referred to the album as “about as much fun as losing a limb”, to later that same year designate it as album of the year.

I’ve been looking so long at these pictures of you
That I almost believe that they’re real
I’ve been living so long with my pictures of you
That I almost believe that the pictures are
All I can feel
— Pictures of You
Whenever I’m alone with you
You make me feel like I am whole again
— Lovesong

Best New Song: Mr. Weinstein Will See You Now

I storm out through the hallway
I leave the scars inside
You won’t portray my picture
This film is mine
— Amanda Palmer & Jasmine Power

Lady Liberty

These bigots in the legislature all need to get fired
For targeting one-third of the state they’re supposed to serve
That’s the kind of power that nobody deserves


We Are Bored

We are bored of the stupid things we have said
— Floodland

Trawlerman’s Song

I love coming home from far across the sea
And taking up my walking cane
And passing through the trees
— Vashti Bunyan

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Do you ever have trouble waking up in the morning? Are you looking for something nu to help you push the pedal to the metal? You are in luck and life is peachy, because nu-metal band corn is releasing a brand of coffee called Korn Koffee. Korn definitely knows what they are doing and others in the industry would be wise to follow the leader, fix their issues, but likely Korn Koffee will be untouchable.

Album of The  Week

Green Day -Dookie (1994)

An album that would be a turning point for a band who had just signed to a major label. Many of their former fans in the punk community looked at them as sellouts when this album came out. There is nothing more fun as a music fan than actively rooting against your favorite artists to succeed so you can be the only one who likes them. The impact of being ostracized from their former home in the punk community by the original hipsters really hurt Green Day as they finally found commercial success.

So why are you alone?
Wasting your time
When you could be with me
Wasting your time
— Sassafras Roots
Bite my lip and close my eyes
Take me away to paradise
I’m so damn bored, I’m going blind
— Longview


Best New Song: Slow Slow Disco

Slip my hand from your hand
Leave you dancin’ with a ghost
— St. Vincent

People Talk About Me

People talk about me
They like to stop and stare
They try to say I’m a loser
I try to say I don’t care, but the feeling sucks
— Colin Caulfield

White Fire

Everything is tragic, it all just falls apart
But when I look into your eyes, it pieces up my heart
— Angel Olsen



When out walking, brother, don’t you forget
It ain’t often that you’ll ever find a friend
— Fleet Foxes

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Ticketmaster has been hard at work using their monopoly on ticket sales and events to further screw over their customers. They have been investing millions in software and secret programs to help scalpers get mass quantities of tickets to resell at much higher prices to customers. That way Ticketmaster gets a fee on the initial sale to the scalper and an even bigger one when they sell it to the customer. The best part is they are denying it and will probably pay a paltry fine in the class action suit they are facing and find new ways to rip people off. This benevolent giant of a company is also developing technology to scan your face to use as a ticket for a game or concert, what could possibly go wrong?

Album of The  Week

Cloud Nothings -Here and Nowhere Else (2014)

The Cleveland band’s album has a much more positive spirit to it than their prior work. “I was feeling pretty good about everything so I just made stuff that made me happy,” said songwriter Dylan Baldi  That probably has something to do with the fact that it was written entirely outside of Cleveland. Each track was written in a different country on their 18 month long tour for their prior album. This enabled them to get right back into the studio once they returned to the US.

You’re not the same as me but I know we share a thing
No use remembering how it used to be so real
— Now Hear In
It’s over now, there’s a way I was before
But I can’t recall how I was those days anymore
I’m learning how to be here and nowhere else
How to focus on what I can do myself
— I'm Not Part of Me

Best New Song: Guiding Light

Relate to my youth
Well I’m still in awe of you
— Mumford & Sons

Kathrin With a K

Kathrin please
Don’t leave me
Oh I got nothing to do
But be with you
— Super Whatevr


You know she’s somebody’s daughter
When she gets old it’ll haunt her
I’m here tonight, I have got her
— Welles

Strangers Kiss

Don’t bother flying when we jump off the cliff
Make sure it’s head first if you don’t want to deal with what ifs
— Alex Cameron

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Ozzy Osbourne came out this week and said he didn’t have as much fun on his last Black Sabbath tour. I wonder why? Is it because he wasn’t able to bite of the head of a dove? Polish off the last of his coke with a stewardess before boarding the plane? Throw pieces of meat into the audience? Bite the head off a bat (please note the similarities and differences between that and a dove)? Push a TV out his hotel window? Take 25 Vicodin a day? Or could it be that he wasn’t able to once again while in Germany get wasted and goose-step around a formal party, strip naked, dunk his balls in a mans wine glass, then piss in it, and then kiss the man on the mouth. The man who was the head of CBS in Germany made sure he wasn’t welcome in the country for several years. This made him the first person since before World War II to be unwelcome in Germany for his association with the Sabbath.

Album of The  Week

Portugal. The Man -The Satanic Satanist (2009)

This album actually has two versions, The Majestic Majesty is the acoustic version of the album The Satanic Satanist released by the band. I really appreciate the stripped down version and also desperately wish that all my favorite albums also had an acoustic version. I highly recommend giving it a listen if you appreciated this album. The album is largely written from the perspective of the lead singers experience moving around rural Alaska with his parents. It has a childlike wonder to it and almost a singalong quality.

What a lovely day, yeah, we won the war
May have lost a million men, but we’ve got a million more
— People Say
And if another lover takes their love away from you
Be careful with your mind and what you’re bound to do
— Lovers in Love

Best New Song: Mariners Apartment Complex

Think about it, the darkness, the deepness
All the things that make me who I am
— Lana Del Rey

A Lotta Things

And I should be happy
But I’m not
But I’m not
And I should be grateful, I know
But I’m not
But I’m not
— Bonny Doon

Sea of Love

Do you remember
When we met?
That’s the day I knew you were my pet
I want to tell you
How much I love you
— Cat Power

If you ever need a stranger to sing at your wedding

And maybe I’ll meet her there tonight at the wedding buffet
I walk up to her
When she’s caught the bouquet
— Jen Lekman

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Pick Up Suspensions

A few University of Kentucky soccer players received suspensions for being involved in a pick up soccer game with the Foo Fighters and their coaches. Because it was final exam week and the NCAA's primary objectives are to ensure no athletes can make money for their talents and also to take the fun out of sports, the players weren't allowed to be involved in any activities that included coaches. 

Album of The  Week

Lana Del Rey -Born To Die (2012)

Lizzy Grant adopted the stage name Lana Del Rey and was off to the races. Initially releasing her music digitally with the name spelled "Ray" instead of "Rey", presumably to ensure that I would always spell it wrong initially and have to press backspace to fix it. Despite coming out in 2012 this album sounds like it is from another time full of glamour. 

I feel so alone on a Friday night
Can you make it feel like home, if I tell you you’re mine?
— Born to Die
Kiss me hard before you go
Summertime sadness
I just wanted you to know
That, baby, you’re the best
— Summertime Sadness

Best New Song: Song for Ted Salis

Into the source of a squall
I inevitably fall
Toward the well-spring of all agony
Shuffling endlessly
— The Mountain Goats


Can’t anybody see
We’ve got a war to fight
Never find our way
Regardless of what they say
— Portishead


We’re forced to bed
But we’re free to dream
— The Tragically Hip

Look on Down From the Bridge

Everybody seems so far away from me
Everybody just wants to be free
Look away from the sky
It’s no different when you’re leaving home
I can’t be the same thing to you now
I’m just gone, just gone
— Mazzy Star

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