Grahammy Nominees for Album of the Year

It is finally the time of year for the biggest awards in music The Grahammy's! This week nominees for Album of the Year are announced with the winner chosen next week in addition to the winners for other categories as well. Take a listen to these great albums and maybe your favorite will be chosen for Album of The Year.

I've complied the best track from each of the nominated albums into a playlist, as well as the entire album for each band. These albums were chosen for the quality of the entire album from beginning to end so I highly recommend listening to the entire album if you enjoy any of the tracks in the playlist below.  Also remember to hit the Subscribe button above if you haven't already to get an email reminder when the winner is announced next week!


Brand New - Science Fiction

Best Track - Desert

This long awaited album the band's first since 2009 definitely delivered. It brought back the heavy tones and angst the band is known for without while still managing to be a distinct and evolved piece of their catalog. 

Could never be heaven without you
— Could Never Be Heaven

download (1).jpg

Lorde - Melodrama

Best Track - Liability

This album really shows an evolution and development from Lorde's previous albums. The theme throughout the album inspired by the breakup with her longtime boyfriend. The album has a heavy sense of solitude that carries with both the melodies and lyrics. It explores feelings of lonliness that can be felt even while with company.

But my hips have missed your hips
So, let’s get to know the kicks
Will you sway with me?
Go astray with me?
— Sober


Mount Eerie - A Crow Looked at Me

Best Track - Real Death

This album is definitely not for someone who is trying to have their music cheer them up. Written about the slow death of his wife from cancer and his attempts to raise their child on his own and move on is absolutely heartbreaking. The amount of empathy this album evokes and its ability to transform your day really showcases the impact can have on a person.

You were thinking ahead to a future you must have known deep down would not include you
— Real Death


Cigarettes After Sex - self titled

Best Track - Apocalypse

Don't let the less than exciting album cover fool you, this album is absolutely worth your time. The sultry tones and relaxing tempo are great whether you are reading a book or closing your eyes to listen intently. At the same time the fun and catchy lyrics can be perfect for singing along in the car.

It’s so sweet, knowing that you love me
Though we don’t need to say it to each other, sweet
Knowing that I love you, and running my fingers through your hair
It’s so sweet
— Sweet


Dude York - Sincerely

Best Track - Twin Moons

Definitely one of the most fun albums of the year with each song having a special punch to it. The upbeat edge that the album has will put you in a great mood to take on the day. I also am lucky enough to confirm that this band is even better live as they amplify the fun of the album with humor and antics on stage. 

Like I can hardly wait for my heartbreak
Yeah, I just keep on acting like he won’t ever find out
Like he don’t already know
— Love Is


Portugal. The Man - Woodstock

Best Track - Feel it still

This is one band where you have no idea whatsoever what to expect from each new album. Each album stands alone as its own art piece with unique flavor and style. This album is no exception as it brings the quality and suprise that you have come to expect from this band. 

Livin’ life like we’re the only ones that know we’re famous
— Rich Friends


Sorority Noise - You're Not As _____ As You Think

Best Track - A Portrait Of

This Emo album really has a sense of purpose to it, each song has it's own perspective. Each track builds into a narrative as it examines the relationships between people and the effect they have on each other. Many of the songs delve into how a person can help another with their attention and affection or hurt them with their neglect.  

You said, ‘I’m sorry, why do I feel so alone?’
I said, ‘I’m sorry, is there anything that I can do?’
You said, ‘Care about me like you used to.’
— Car

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Happy MLK Day

It was revealed this week that David Bowie suffered a minor heart attack in 2004 which lead to him taking a break from touring as well as a long break from music. He would only produce two more albums after that point with his final album being released two days before his death from cancer in 2016. 

Best New Song: We're going Home

No second chances but all we can do is try
— Vance Joy

(No one knows me) Like The piano

No one knows me like the piano in my mother’s home
— Sampha


Leather and Lace

And sometimes I cry
But that time I saw you
I knew with you to light my nights
Somehow I’d get by
— Stevie Nicks



I was born to love
And I intend to love you
— Joanna Newsome

Joanna Newsome is married to Andy Samberg of SNL and Brooklyn 99, which is surprising because I can't think of any two types of music more disparate than harp music and "Dick in a Box". They recenently had a baby and it is anyone's guess as to what type of music that baby will make.

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Carreying into 2018

Well I joked last week about letting everyone know if Thom Yorke was ever involved in any drama, and now I am stuck relaying some drama this week. Radiohead's lawyers have sued Lana Del Rey over her song Get Free for being to similar to Radiohead's 1992 Classic Creep. Posted on Lana's Twitter account "Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead feel it was and want 100% of the publishing - I offered up to 40 over the last few months but they will only accept 100.” I would guess this is a case of overzealous lawyers and may be dropped as soon as the band actually gets involved. The main similarities in the songs are the elongation of words into more syllables which does sound similar. If Radiohead is willing to sue over that though they reee-hehehehehe-heealllllyyyy should have gone after Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective in 94'.

Best New Song: God save our young blood

We can never stop movin’, we see nothin’ but the green lights
— Børns & Lana Del Rey

Man on the moon

Now, Andy, did you hear about this one?
Tell me, are you locked in the punch?
Hey, Andy, are you goofing on Elvis?
Hey, baby, are we losing touch?
— R.E.M.

This song is about Andy Kaufman, and the Movie Starring Jim Carrey is named after it. A recent Netflix documentary "Jim and Andy" about how Jim Carrey stayed in character as Andy is excellent. It was suppressed by the studio for over 20 years because the studio was worried if anyone saw the footage they would think Jim was an "asshole". He stayed in character on and off screen causing considerable stress and drama off set. I promise I will never reference Jim Carrey in the same week multiple times again unless absolutely necessary (or if I feel like it).



I know that you say I get mean when I’m drinking
But then again sometimes I get really sweet
— Cigarettes After Sex



Don’t come running to me
When they’re coming for you
— Brand New

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The Beginning of Your Weekly Music Recommendations

Welcome to the first week of the non-rap version of this newsletter/site. I will do my best to take the parts that people appreciated most from the rap version and use them here but the format will naturally be different. I know people appreciated the fun facts and humor in the rap section and I will do my best to provide heavy sarcasm here as well. Unfortunately, people like Thom Yorke of Radiohead provide significantly fewer antics and opportunities for mockery than Kanye West. I promise to notify you if Thom Yorke announces he is running for President in 2020, gets in a feud with Taylor Swift, or claims the Government administered AIDS.

I hope you like this format, I will update it every Monday, please share with your friends and enemies and take a listen and subscribe below.

Best New Song: Tonya Harding

Are you lonely at night?
Do you miss all the glory
And the mythical story
Of the Olympian life?
— Sufjan Stevens

Your Best American Girl

Your mother wouldn’t approve of how my mother raised me
But I do, I think I do
— Mitski


I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams

The older I get, the more articulate I am at whining



The crumbs of love that you offer me
They’re the crumbs I’ve left behind
— Leonard Cohen

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