Mental Health Awareness Month

I am continuing to use this month to promote Mental Health Awareness month. Normally this section is reserved for jokes about music news and fun facts. Unfortunately this week music news and mental health awareness month overlapped. Scott Hutchison the lead singer of Scottish band Frightened Rabbit committed suicide last week at the age of 36. The band was called Frightened Rabbit because that is what his mom used to his mom used to call him as a child because he was so shy. He started the band with his brother, and it grew over the next dozen years. His music has always been open and honest about his struggles and he has even talked about his struggles during interviews. One example of this is the their song Floating on the Forth, whose closing line is "I think I'll save suicide for another year". When asked about the song he said “It’s a real thought. It’s a thought that I’ve taken to a place that I’m far less comfortable with … I’ve gone 90% of the way through that song in real life". Ten years later and unfortunately he was not able to survive his struggle for another year.

Nitrous Gas

But if happiness won’t come to me
Hand me the nitrous gas
You can keep all of your oxygen
Hand me the nitrous gas
And if happiness won’t live with me
Think I can live with that
— Frightened Rabbit

Why wont they talk to me

I’m so alone
Nothing for me
I guess I’ll go home
Try to be sane
Try to pretend
— Tame Impala



But everyone she knew thought she was beautiful
Only slightly mental
Beautiful, only temperamental
Beautiful, only slightly mental
— Belle and Sebastian

AJJ Knife Man.jpg

Big Bird

It’s harder to be yourself
Than it is to be anybody else

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