I usually refrain from using this section to announce upcoming albums, but one I certainly didn't see coming is due later this year. Jeff Goldblum, of Jurassic Park and The Grand Budapest Hotel, is releasing a jazz piano album. He has been playing small shows at bars before but this will be his first album. (1).jpg

Hangout at the Gallows

Left foot, right foot
That’s the ticket
You’ll be back on top real soon
— Father John Misty


Courage, my word
It didn’t come, it doesn’t matter
Courage, your word
It didn’t come, it doesn’t matter
— The Tragically Hip

Coca Cola

I’ll quit if you do
I’ll quit everything good for you
— Pity Sex

Nephew in the Wild

In hard times
Kids grow up fast
Please be there for him
— Advanced Base

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