Moshed potato and Beans

A video went viral this week of a metal fan eating cold beans directly from the can in a mosh pit, I'm not sure which I would be less likely to do: be in a mosh pit, or eat cold beans from a can. I suppose the Mad Max scenario where I would have to do both for survival is as likely as me doing either separately.

Album of The  Week

The Antlers - Hospice (2009)

One of the most sorrowful albums you are likely to find aptly named Hospice, this album takes you through all the stages of grief. This album switches between perspectives as it follows the journey of a young woman dying of cancer in Hospice care from the eyes of her boyfriend and her nurse. This somewhat autobiographical album is tough to listen to all the way through without having a strong emotional response. The most upbeat song on the album is a metaphor for the couple deciding to get an abortion. It doesn't get much darker or more honest than this album. 

Wish that I had known in that first minute we met
The unpayable debt that I owed you
— Kettering
I’m bound to your bedside, your eulogy singer
I’d happily take all those bullets inside you
And put them inside of myself
— Atrophy

Best New Song: Christmas Island

And the drinkers won’t stop drinking
So their livers might stop working
And the living keep on living
Until they’re dead from all the dying

Come to Me Now

Can’t wait for the sun to go down
Tired of squinting at this ugly little town
I can’t wait for that moon to shine
She’s my friend, always been, you can see it in my eyes
— Kevin Morby

Metal Heart

Once was lost, but now I’m found
Was blind, but now I see you
— Cat Power

Elvis is in the Freezer

My lover is all gone
And it’s my fault
— Ratboys

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