Grohling Alone

Dave Grohl, of Nirvana and The Foo Fighters, released a short new documentary he directed that features him playing all the instruments for a 27 minute long song.  Directing a documentary where you play all the instruments in an insanely long song is about as cocky as it gets. It probably helps that he is insanely likable, if Kanye had done something like this (not that he could), people would hold it up as a testament to his arrogance.

Album of The  Week

*shels -Plains of the Purple Buffalo (2013)

There is a Native American legend about a Buffalo Woman, who visits four times, as a different color each time she visits. When she is purple she takes a man on a mind altering journey. That is the symbolism and the experience as you listen to this album. It builds and builds and feels like you are flying over the plains as the horns blaze and trumpet your arrival. A swelling storm of instrumentals lead to even more impact when the few scattered lyrics throughout the album decide to make a more direct point. In addition to having some of my favorite cover art ever, this album is a trip I highly recommend.  

Oh my love, as long as I have you, I don’t feel so bad
— Butterflies on Luci's Way
To my dear love
Hold me in your memories
And move past our parting
For I am with you always
— Atoll

Best New Song: Wild

It’s in my nature to be guarded
I wish I was a wilder soul
— Molly Burch

The High Road

Cause they know and so do I
The high road is hard to find
A detour in your new life
Tell all of your friends goodbye
— Broken Bells

Koop Island Blues

I’m sad alone, I’m so sad on my own
The truth is we were much too young
Now I’m looking for you or anyone like you
— Koop Island Blues

Modern Woman

All I want is comfort in a touch or a look
All I want is to get back the closeness you took
I know, that’s the way you appreciate me
Even though we haven’t spoken lately, oh
— Tennis

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