Hostile Music

A German train company had to cancel their planes to use atonal music to drive homeless people away from their train stations. Very unlike the Germans to treat people as less than human and try to torture them on a train. 

Album of The  Week

Strand of Oaks -Pope Killdragon (2010)

Tim Showalter returned to his home one night to find it had burnt to the ground, and shortly after his fiancé dumped him. He was homeless carrying his acoustic guitar around and sleeping on benches and writing songs in the streets of Philly. The tracks written during that time in his life reflect his downtrodden and melancholy environment. Although he takes a more imaginative approach to your typical song about adversity and depression. He writes a fictionililzation from the perspective of Dan Akyroyd struggling with the death of John Bellushi and seeking revenge on his drug dealer. The tones and moods of the album take you on a journey with it's memorable characters and is reminiscent of an indie film.  

No you don’t understand
What its like
Growing up here
— Alex Kona
There’s no better time
To long for pure things
The world is shame
The world should be ashamed
— Pope Killdragon
And I hope one day to have half as much
Of my grandpa’s integrity
— Sterling

Best New Song: Time Is Up

But don’t look so depressed
You’ll soon be nothingness
Oh my God, you don’t even know
— Poppy

As Far As Love Goes

Ohh. Woman
You are still a mystery to me
As far as loves goes
— Tina Dickow


When you were there so sweet and very
Full of field and stars
You carried all of time
Oh and, heavens, when you looked at me
Your eyes were like machinery
— Big Thief

Would You Fight for My Love

People do their best to not let passion begin
It’s dead before it has a chance to start
And so there I am, the caretaker of sin
To your abandoned and malignant heart
— Jack White

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