Mental Health Awareness Month

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I decided months ago that I was going to dedicate this platform during May to Mental Health Awareness Month. I was intending for the alternative side to take the brunt of the burden of sending my intended message as Rap music is very shielded and limited on this issue.  That was before Kanye, a person who I enjoy as an artist started to go through what is clearly some sort of trauma that himself and his family are choosing to ignore. He fired his manager who is one of his best friends this week and has been increasingly chaotic in his actions since then. His wife has lashed out against people pointing out his erratic and contradictory behavior as a symptom of mental illness. Honestly, I think that is part of the problem, if Kanye felt comfortable expressing his vulnerability instead of defending it I think he would be in a healthier place. He has made several erratic and confounding moves and statements in a few short days, that are a detriment to his career. He has also posted that he intends to make the plastic surgeon who killed his mother with malpractice the cover of his next album with the title "Love Everyone". I think it is pretty clear what he is struggling with and that he has a support system that has consistently let him down as he had to cancel his tour a year ago due to a reliance on prescriptions and exhaustion. I understand that I am at best a sarcastic person you have talked to a few times about stupid things, but I would like you to reflect on the people who are close to you, is there someone who is sinking? Who once you take a step back it becomes clear that they have been quietly asking for help? Please take a moment to tell the people you love that you care about them, and be there for them, get a step past "good" when you ask how their day went. It may mean much more to them than you realize. 

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Spark it up - Gucci Mane


Throwback of the Week
Erase Me - Kid Cudi


Old school
Smoke Some Kill - Schooly D


Fun Facts

21 Savage owns a flight simulator and he is trying to save up to buy a plane to fly.


Rapper 6ix9ine lost a $5 million headphone deal after becoming a person of interest in a recent shooting. 


I ain’t had a good night sleep since God knows when
— J Hus


  • Got Your Money - ODB
  • Police State - Young Prez
  • Too Good - Spose

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