Prince + King Push

Weekly Buzz

It looks like I was right, the beef between Drake and Pusha T is over, with no response back from Drake after Pusha released a scathing track accusing him of neglecting a secret child he had with a Pornstar. I think this is probably because Drake is a Raptors fan so he is used on getting dunked on and taking an "L" in public, then trying to befriend the guy who clowned him afterwards. Credit has been given to Drake's mentor J. Prince, CEO of Rap-A-Lot Records, for talking him out of retaliating and squashing the conflict. Drake allegedly had a song ready to "end" Pusha T and Kanye's careers, that seems doubtful because Kanye has been trying really hard lately to end his own career and has been unsuccessful.  

New Beats
Reborn - Kanye + Cudi


Throwback of the Week
Nikes - Frank Ocean


Old school
Hit Em Up - Tupac


Fun Facts

J. Prince is known as a terrifying guy and many people are afraid of him. A comedian once tried to prank call him pretending to be a record store demanding that J. pay their rent since all his recent records weren't selling. J. responded "where you at?" When the producer stepped in and apologized and said his name J responded by saying "I know exactly where you're at" and telling his driver to head there. The comedian got on a plan immediately to avoid him. 


  • Porch - Grip
  • Santeria - Pusha T
  • No Drama - Tinashe
It goes, work all your life for a pittance
Maybe you’ll make it to manager, pray for a raise
— Kate Tempest

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