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I've written several times on here about rapper XXXTentacion and his history of assaulting, abusing, and threatening women. He mercilessly beat his pregnant girlfriend, threatening to kill her, their unborn child, and her family. Last week he was killed in a robbery while he was driving. His death has lead to his music breaking streaming records on Spotify. Meanwhile his ex has been trying to raise money for reconstructive eye surgery as he had fractured her cheek bone in several spots and she is facing potentially permanent blindness in that eye. His legacy and his end was one of violence, his music an afterthought. 

New Beats
Green Gucci Suit - Rick Ross


Throwback of the Week
Finally Rich - Chief Keef

rapper_chief_keef (1).jpg

Old school
C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan


Fun Facts


Cardi B is considering moving to acting after she has her baby. She believes it will be easier to be a mom not having to be on the road touring. 


  • Money Bag - Cardi B
  • Got Money - Lil Wayne
  • Got Your Money - ODB
It won’t matter when those checks coming through
— Yuri Joness

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