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New information has come out about who killed Tupac after the Mike Tyson fight at the MGM in 1996. Keef D has confessed on camera to being a passenger in the car and that his nephew Orlando Anderson was the shooter, he died two years later in a shootout in a parking garage over a dispute about money. He had motive because Tupac had allegedly assaulted him two hours prior. There are conflicting reports however, including the linked article (shown below) I was shown to click on next after I read the details of this confession to post here.

2018-07-09 06-46-35_Tupac murder_ Why Orlando Anderson was never charged over Vegas shooting _ Daily.png

Pretty impossible to tell which is more likely, the police were incompetent in gaining confessions from people who were bragging about the crime to their friends and getting them to turn on each other, or Tupac was posting selfies in 2011 to YouTube as this other article claims and faked his own death to avoid a life of money, respect, and success.

Speaking of criminal cases that feel like they never end, Chris Brown was arrested after a show in Florida for previously having assaulted a photographer. He posted what is most definitely a fair and meaningful bail for a serial assaulter who is insanely rich of $2,000.

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Blessed - Schoolboy Q


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Migos shot their latest music video at Madonna's house

Lil Yachty said that LaMello Ball almost burned down his house with Fireworks at his 4th of July party.


  • Melatonin - ATCQ
  • Paranoia - Chance the Rapper
  • Legacy - Eminem
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