Quincy Groans

In possibly the most candid interview's ever legendary record producer Quincy Jones (best known for his work with Michael Jackson) has been scorching everyone he's ever met with his harsh brand of honesty. He said that Michael Jackson used to steal songs and rip off the people who helped create them. 

2018-02-11 21-22-16_Quincy Jones, In Conversation - Google Chrome.png

Best New Song: Blood Knows

Just hold your breath
Just hold my waist
— Rhye

Waiting Around to Die

Lots of booze and lots of ramblin’
It’s easier than just waitin’ around to die
— Townes Van Zandt


Boys Will Be Boys

Would ya blame your little sister
If she cried to you for help?
— Stella Donnelly


Drunk Drivers (Killer Whales)

Here’s that voice in your head
Giving you shit again
But you know he loves you
And he doesn’t mean to cause you pain
— Car Seat Headrest

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