Lana Del Cray

Hopefully everyone enjoyed The Grahammy's which had just the perfect amount of awards go to Bruno Mars. Going forward I'll try to keep it a little less self-righteous and a little more sarcastic as I am pretty sure nobody cares what I liked best from last year in music (Cigarettes After Sex) or otherwise (mezcal tequila). Putting "Cigarettes after Sex" in both spots in parenthesis there would have been a better joke but I'm honest to a fault. 

This week some lunatic stalker tried to kidnap singer Lana Del Rey and showed up to one of her concerts with a knife, luckily local police were able to prevent an attack. The stalker posted on Facebook that "I heard you call me through all your songs I heard it... so we can have our son". Really scary that delusion people like this think they are destined to be with celebrities. I mean how crazy is this guy that he can't see that Lana and I are meant to be together, so it would obviously never work between them?

Best New Song: Get Out

Good intentions never good enough

Album of the year

And I know she loved me then
I swear to god she did
It’s the way she’d bite my lower lip
And push her hips against my hips
And dig her nails so deep into my skin
— The Good Life



I was looking forward to see where I was going
But I don’t know if I can make it, no, I don’t know if I could
— Tobais Jesso Jr.


For the captain

All that is your beauty
All and all that is your treasure
I could smell your skin beside me
Say I hope I am here forever
— Okkervil River

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