Aladdin Stain

Unfortunately the David Bowie statue that I wrote about a few weeks ago has been vandalized with "Feed the homeless first" and "RIP DB" spray-painted on it.  A Bowie fan has offered 5k to a homeless charity if the perpetrator turns themselves in, which may be a good idea as the person was captured on camera. Apparently this person couldn't find the hundreds of other nearby extravagances to deface and had to ruin a statue, and also cost more money from the government to fix it. 

Best New Song: Never Say Die

All you want is to play at playing god

Everyday Robots

We are everyday robots on our phones
In the process of getting home
— Damon Albarn

Song For a Netflix Account

The good don’t die young, they just haven’t had time to
Fuck up the same as the rest of us yet
— Pat The Bunny

There is a Light That Never Goes Out

To die by your side is such a heavenly way to die
— The Smiths

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