Smashed Pumpkin

Billy Corgan the frontman of Smashing Pumpkins has said recently that "80% for the things that I get held up and mocked for, I'm doing intentionally". I can relate to that, if you are making fun of me the joke is on you not me. Like the time I locked my keys in my car while it was running and locked myself out of the house during a blizzard. My dad made fun of me but the joke was on him, I was doing it intentionally on a level of humor and brilliance he just didn't understand. 

Best New Song: Hold My Girl

I’ve got time, I’ve got love
Got confidence you’ll rise above
— George Ezra

Talking With Strangers

Yesterday I was anxious and alone
So I called a friend to make me feel okay
And for a moment, I found myself angry at him for offering help
When I should have just been grateful for what he gave
— Miya Folick

Imagining My Man

It can be so hard to forgive
It’s not what I thought, and it’s not what I pictured
— Aldous Harding

Better Strange

You’re so much better strange
You’re so much better when you make mistakes with me
— James Supercave

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