The 2nd Annual Grahammy Awards!

It is finally the time of year for the biggest awards in music The Grahammy's! This week the winners will are crowned and those receiving awards can have their careers changed forever. Many of these artists see this award as their assent to the top of their field. 

And the awards go to...

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Best Cover

James Blake - Vincent

This heartbreaking song as redone by James Blake is incredible. Lacking the usual adjustments to the audio that typically accompany James Blake songs this really showcases his talent as a more traditional performer rather than the niche he has carved out for himself. 

But I could’ve told you, Vincent
This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you


Most Surprising Song

Kesha - Bastards

Kesha has dropped the "$" from her name (sadly) and is releasing a totally different direction of music than what she is known for. Clearly unafraid and eager to be known for more than her club tracks, this song really shows her range and the new direction of her music. 

Don’t let the bastards get you down, oh no
Don’t let the assholes wear you out
— Kesha


Best Songwriting

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy

There were many strong contenders for this award this year, but the song that fit best with the year itself was this one. It takes on the absurdity of life for humans as we move past the struggles of animals and create new struggles for ourselves. Creating ideologies and goverments to seperate us and make us less free. 

The only thing that seems to make them feel alive
Is the struggle to survive
But the only thing that they request
Is something to numb the pain with
Until there’s nothing human left


Best Track

Lorde - Liability

This track is the centerpiece of a beautiful album that is easily one of the most memorable of the year. It's powerful lines resting largerly on the strength of her voice convey emotion that matches perfectly with the lyrics. 

The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy
’Til all of the tricks don’t work anymore
And then they are bored of me


Album of the Year

Cigarettes After Sex - Self Titled

I'm pretty confident that this will be the only place you see this album listed as the best of the year. I am fine with that, as I am biased by the face that I love every single note in this album and have probably listened to it over 100 times since it was released in June. It is absolutely perfect and I cannot recommend it enough for times when you want to lower the lights and listen to music to relax.

I know that you say I get mean when I’m drinking
But then again sometimes I get really sweet
So what does it mean if I tell you to go fuck yourself
Or if I say that you’re beautiful to me

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