Week 62

Weekly Buzz

I really never intended for this section of to be constantly focused on negative news about people in the music industry. I wanted to highlight positive news and make jokes about goofy things people like Kanye do on a weekly basis. However, it is impossible to ignore the cacophony of noise being generated by the despicable actions of some people in music. Hopefully every overly negative week can be outweighed by several positive weeks in a row.   

Russel Simmons who co-founded Def Jam Records has been accused by NINE different women of sexual assault. After being accused by a pick up basketball team worth of women of sexual assault he denied their accusations and "stepped down" from his companies. He "stepped down" in the same way professional athletes "retire" after nobody signs them for like two years, no offense Reggie Bush. Forced out seems more accurate as his companies want to disassociate from this scumbag and probably are looking forward to not being sexually harassed at work. FOUR (enough for a doubles tennis match) of the NINE women, say that Russel Simmons raped them. Since these accusations he has tried to start a #NotMe campaign on Instagram to claim his alleged innocence. I am sure that the LAPD, who have opened an official investigation into the matter, look at his #NotMe post on insta and will just be like "oh guess it wasn't him, clearly says here that it wasn't". People burnt their LeBron jersey's when he decided he prefered South Beach to Cleveland, but will they burn their horrible Phat Farm tracksuits when the owner has been sexually assaulting people on a Zeus-like pace?

New Beats
Don't do it - N.e.r.d


Throwback of the Week
Alive - Kid Kudi


Old school
Ain't no half steppin' - big daddy kane


Fun Facts

ODB once got really drunk and stormed the stage when Methodman was performing and flipped the turntables off the stage. He later issued a halfhearted apology "Sorry, I'm an Ol' Dirty Bastard".

Kendrick watched Tupac and Dr. Dre shoot California Love in front of his house by chance as a boy, he would later sign with Dr. Dre

I coulda died, y’all
A couple times I took my eyes off the prize, y’all


  • Man of the Year - Schoolboy Q
  • The Billy Williams Story - Saba

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