Week 63

Weekly Buzz

Merry Christmas, last year for Christmas I compiled all the best rap Christmas music together for this week. I won't be doing that this year as I used every song that is good. Honestly, listening to all the rap Christmas music that was out there was a harrowing experience. Without a doubt rap Christmas music is the worst type of music that exists, sleigh bells should never be used as a backing track for a rap song. The amount of forced rhymes and horrible lines are insulting to the spirit of Christmas. The worst line I was exposed to and has been haunting me for the past year I will share here because misery loves company: "Frosty the snowman, had a dick of snow, He could only fuck a bitch if her pussy was real cold". That line was created by an adult man, written down, exorbitant studio fees were paid, and at least several people gave it the okay to be released to the public. That man has been nominated for a Grammy for his other work, it is my opinion that nomination be retroactively revoked.  

Best known for being a scumbag murderer, George Zimmerman is in the news this week, after threatening Jay-Z saying that he would like to beat him up and feed him to the alligators. This was caused by Jay-Z being involved in a Travon Martin Documentary. In an attempt to stoop as low as possible he also referenced his killing of Martin in his threats toward Jay-Z: "I know how to handle people who fuck with me; I have since February 2012". That is when he murdered the unarmed teen Travon Martin. 

In a shocking move, amidst multiple sexual harassment allegations Jerry Richardson, the owner of the NFL's Carolina Panthers team, is selling the franchise. This is very surprising because normally guys who erect bronze statues of themselves turn out to be such great people; Stalin, Mao, and the list goes on.


The promising part of this news is that Diddy has announced that he wants to buy the team which would be incredible. Richardson's share is only 40% and with Diddy earning more than any other person in music last year (despite making no music) it is not unrealistic that he could put an ownership group together. I can only imagine the spectacle of draft-day Diddy or him at the Superbowl. He is very passionate about football, having allegedly assaulted the UCLA strength and conditioning coach with a kettlebell after an incident involving his son on the team.

New Beats
Bartier Cardi - Cardi b


Throwback of the Week
the motto - drake


Old school
brenda's got a baby - tupac


Fun Facts

Kendrick Lamar is going to play the College Football halftime show this year. 

The night Tupac died in Las Vegas, his fiancé Kidada Jones asked him to wear his bulletproof vest, but he told her it was too hot

Real G’s move in silence like lasagna
— Lil Wayne


  • Boomerang - Jidenna
  • The Weekend - SZA
  • Nightgowns - Tom Misch

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