Rocky Ross

Weekly Buzz

This week Rick Ross was hospitalized in serious condition after what appears like a heart attack. Although 50 Cent seems to think it was drug related, posting that a pic of Ivan Drago on isnta famous for saying "if he dies he dies". Then later doubling down on insulting Ross while he was still hospitalized. Should be plenty of fuel for the fire for this feud going forward. 

New Beats
Top Off - DJ Khaled


Throwback of the Week
Who Do You Love - YG


Old school
1st of the month - Bone Thugs


Fun Facts


Quavo and Eric the Jeweler are no longer feuding as Quavo has paid up the 10k he owed him.

Real killers and hitters would rather live nameless
— Rick Ross


  • Litty - Meek Mill
  • Aquainted - The Weeknd
  • Solitare - Gucci Mane

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