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Weekly Buzz

Vince Staples is apparently fed up with people telling him what to do. So he posted a Go Fund Me page for his early retirement seeking $2 million in exchange he is offering to "shut the fuck up forever" with no new songs or interviews. Stating that he wants people to "get off my dick or fund my lifestyle" which seems like a more vulgar version of the arguments you have with your parents as a teenager when you are ready to get your own place. He says he would use the money to buy things such as a Honda, a puppy, and soups for the homies. 

New Beats
Get the fuck off my dick - Vince staples


Throwback of the Week
Everybody Drunk as Fuck - Ludacris 


Old school
Triumph - Wu-Tang Clan


Fun Facts

21 Savage said he is no longer going to wear jewelry as he wants to make things like buying houses and investing in business cool for young people instead of jewelry.

Teenage Rapper Lil Xan made headlines and enemies when he called Tupac's music "boring" this week.

Tupac's music is not boring and only an idiot would think so

Here, let me put it like this… in the sky, there are a million stars, but when the sun appears, you see none of them. I am the sun.
— KRS-One


  • SELF MADE - Lil Yachty
  • Man Down - Rihanna
  • Mathmatics - Mos Def

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