Mental Health Awareness Month

Weekly Buzz

Presumably miffed that the wedding of a Princess got so much attention lately, Queen Beyoncé just bought herself a church in New Orleans. Will be interesting to see what the world's most beloved queen has in store for it. 

New Beats
Bubblin' - Anderson Paak


Throwback of the Week
Get By - Talib Kweli


Old school
Waiting for the World to End - Rakim


Fun Facts


Diddy just spent $21 million on a painting

Offset of Migos, was hospitalized but okay after a serious car crash in Atlanta last week. 

Thinking ‘bout my grandmama, find a bottle
I’mma wallow when I lie in that
I just want my time and my mind intact
— Earl Sweatshirt


  • Stars and Shards - Loyle Carner
  • Maintainin - Grips
  • HOOD - Desiigner

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