Mental Health Awareness Month

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I normally try to avoid writing about rap beef's that are clearly publicity stunts, but Drake has released to diss songs aimed at and in direct response to Pusha T's jabs at him on his new album. In addition to multiple songs sniping at each other, Drake also claimed he wanted compensation for helping boost awareness for Pusha's new album including sending him an invoice on Instagram for $100k “For professional services rendered re: promotional assistance and career reviving.”

Brockhampton has kicked out a member of their group this week after multiple allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced about him. The group issued a statement and has distanced themselves from him and appears to have sided with his accusers rather than siding with him out of loyalty and trying to discredit the accusers which seams to be more the norm. This is in stark contrast to R. Kelly who this week was seen in a video making a toast and referencing the social media movement to get him kicked out of the music industry for creating a sex cult full of underage girls that he has manipulated and abused. In the new video he says "They should have did this shit 30 years ago", he also says that with people still supporting him that he isn't going anywhere. Unfortunately, both those things are true, until people do something to take action against these disgusting men in power they will remain there. 

New Beats
I'm Upset - Drake


Throwback of the Week
The Rape Over - Mos Def

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Old school
Real Muthaphuckkin G's - Eazy-E


Fun Facts


Will Smith and Diplo worked together to create the official song for the World Cup this year. 

Hackers who messed up Drake's YouTube videos have been arrested.  

I’m almost there, I’m almost there
— Vic Mensa


  • Infared - Pusha T
  • Hurt You - The Weeknd
  • u - Kendrick Lamar

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