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I wish that musicians would stop being scumbags so I could write about fun stuff but instead here I am with another week focused on R. Kelly, best known for believing he can fly past the criminal justice system and create a sex cult with underage girls. He just released a 19 minute song addressing the issue called "I Admit It". This is not a joke I'm making, he released a song that has only ever been matched with OJ's book If I Did It in terms of narcissism so huge that you can't stand people not knowing you did the crime you walked free from. Set aside the fact that I would rather get braces again than listen to a 19 minute R. Kelly song, this thing is extremely insane. In “I Admit,” R. Kelly asks, “What’s the definition of a cult?/What’s the definition of a sex slave?/Go to the dictionary, look it up/Let me know I’ll be here waiting.” look it up. Did you get back from fast enough to know that grooming a 14 year old girl to be your sex "pet" as a 51 year old fits nicely with that definition? He also says inin the song: "They say I’m abusing these women/What the fuck, that’s some absurd shit/They brainwashed?/Really?/Kidnapped?/Really?/Can’t eat?/Really?/Real talk, that shit sound silly" 

To that I say REALLY 

New Beats
No Brainer - DJ Khaled


Throwback of the Week
Fireman - Lil Wayne


Old school
Marshall Mathers - Eminem


Fun Facts


Lil Wayne sent the 49ers coach a gift for the coach naming his son Carter (matching his last name). I'm naming my son Carter as well but I also expect a gift from Jay-Z 


  • Swang - Migos
  • Potato Salad - A$AP Rocky 
  • Introvert - Lil Uzi Vert
Breakfast, lunch, and dinner’s for beginners, you ain’t even know
— Childish Gambino

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