DJ Disappointment

Weekly Buzz

Calvin Harris was the world's highest paid DJ for the 6th year in a row. He has the unique distinction as being the only person to make a "highest paid" list but still not have his parents be proud of him; because he's a DJ. 

New Beats
NC-17 - Travis Scott


Throwback of the Week
New God Flow - Pusha T


Old school
Rosa Parks - OutKast 


Fun Facts


Based on her lyric "I just want my money, chips, guac, and queso" Chipotle has granted Cardi B a lifetime supply. Wouldn't expect Offset to cheat on her again with that hookup at stake. 


  • 10 Times - YG
  • 1997 Diana - BROCKHAMPTON
  • Come Back to Earth - Mac Miller
I done tried a lot
I done failed a lot
— Cousin Stizz

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