Late Night Short Circuit

Weekly Buzz

Kanye went on Jimmy Kimmel's show doing his best impersonation of a human, but it was still a poor job. The interview is extremely awkward, it reminded me of when you talk to someone who is really weird at a party and you ask if they are on drugs and they are sober. Somehow them being sober is much more disturbing than if they listen off a bunch of drugs they were on to explain their weird behavior and interactions. Kanye also stood up James Corden who tried to book him 3 times for Carpool Karaoke but Kanye just kept cancelling at the last minute and cost the show $45k. I didn't really need this story to know that Kanye has a one star Uber rating, I doubt he has ever arrived for a ride on time in his life. 

Speaking of Late night shows, here is the Mean Tweets clip for Rappers that came out this week (and yes it is a life goal of mine to have my tweet featured on here). Also if you never know who I am talking about when I write these posts each week this video is a good way to figure out who some of these people are. 

New Beats
Majesty - Nicki Minaj


Throwback of the Week
The Language - Drake


Old school
Definition - Blackstar


Fun Facts


Johnny Depp's Notorious B.I.G. movie has been pulled just a month before release. Probably has something to do with his decision to play Biggie himself. 


  • Lamb Talk - Quavo
  • No Bystanders - Travis Scott
  • Racks on Me - Drako
The snake, the rat, the cat, the dog
How you gonna see him if you livin’ in the fog?

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