K Dot x Lupe FiascNO

Weekly Buzz

Another frosty week passes and another petty jealous rapper throws jabs at the throne. This week Lupe Fiasco is upset because Kendrick Lamar's album cover for his single too closely resembles the album cover for Lupe's upcoming album. Lupe felt it necessary to take shots at Kendrick "K. Dot is not a top tier lyricist to me and my standards when it comes to punchlines and bars". That is a really great analysis of Kendrick, his punchlines in his last two albums that grappled with the issues of racial identity and systematic discrimination were not particularly hilarious. Kendrick isn't top tier in the same way Spielberg isn't top tier, because I didn't find Schindler's List, Lincoln, or The Color Purple funny. It is a well known fact that Kendrick Lamar draws most of his artistic inspiration from Lupe Fiasco's Instagram account, so it is entirely plausible that he stole the idea for the album cover from there. 

New Beats
Don't do it - N.e.r.d

SZA-Kendrick-Lamar (1).jpg

Throwback of the Week
Live Your Life - T.I.


Old school
Simon Says - Pharoahe Monch


Fun Facts

Childish Gambino had his second child with his girlfriend this week.

A very white man lost $3,200 on Jeopardy last week because he put a hard "r" at the end of  "Gangsta" for Coolio's classic hit Gantsta's Paradise.

I got a lot of livin’ to do before I die
And I ain’t got time to waste
— 50 Cent


  • Facey - Yuri Joness
  • Scrolling - Dave B
  • Fuck Ugly God - Ugly God

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