Bringing in the New Year

Weekly Buzz

Some of your favorite rappers really got into the Christmas spirit this year spreading cheer, both by singing loud for all to hear and through acts of charity. TI spent $20k to help moms get their Christmas gifts, and Chance the Rapper hosted a "Night at the Museum" fundraiser to help the homeless that included a performance of the Chicago Children's Choir and free tickets for underprivileged students. 

Lil Bow Wow claimed in an interview this week that he used to date Kim Kardashian before she was famous. He says he kept it hidden because he had never dated someone outside his race before. I also used to date Kim Kardashian before she was famous and I never told anyone. I didn't make it Facebook official because I wasn't ready to commit, definitely not because it isn't true and I'm making it up. Lil Bow Wow and I wouldn't lie about something like that. This is definitely not at all like that time a few months ago when he posted on Instagram a picture of a private jet but he actually in coach and got called out online by another passenger. 

New Beats
Family feud - lil wayne


Throwback of the Week
The birds pt. 1 - the weeknd


Old school
Don't sweat the technique - eric b & Rakim


Fun Facts

The Migos are working on a movie and Quavo is writing the script

Rapper XXXTentacion best known for beating up his pregnant girlfriend and threatening her has been charged with 8 more felonies.

Now, in a perfect world, I probably won’t be insensitive
Cold as December, but never remember what winter did
— Kendrick Lamar


  • Havana - Camila Cabello
  • Modern Slavery - Travis Scott & Quavo
  • On Me - Quality Control

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